Messages are often sent to The White Shield Project asking for help in locating missing loved ones. While The White Shield Project does not provide an official reunion registry at this time, you will find Reunion Pages listed by decade at the bottom of this page.  If wish to contact a Reunion Message poster, please leave a comment on this page, or email the White Shield Project directly, with any information you wish to share.  (Comments on this page are moderated, so your comment will not appear immediately.)  Be sure to indicate the original message’s 8-digit ID number (i.e, the number that precedes the message) in any communication.  If your information appears to match up, your message will be forwarded on to the last known email address of the original message sender.

The White Shield Project takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the success or failure of forwarded messages, or any resultant consequences of those forwarded messages.

If you send an email message to the White Shield Project, or leave a comment on the Reunion Pages, only your first name and last initial will be used.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: (An unfortunate necessity – please don’t let this scare you away!)

Content and/or information submitted in any form (including, but are not limited to, blog comments, photos, documents, email, Google Voice messages, etc.) to The White Shield Project is NOT confidential.  While every reasonable effort to protect any information that you wish to be kept confidential will be made, the White Shield Project does not guarantee that it will remain confidential.  Confidentiality requests must be made in writing at the time of disclosure.

If you choose submit content or send messages to The White Shield Project, or leave comments on this page or elsewhere on this website, you acknowledge and agree that The White Shield Project (and its agents) assumes no liability, and reserves the right to remove any and/or all comments at any time.

The White Shield Project (and its agents) assumes no liability for damages resulting from this information being discovered or misused. Furthermore, by submitting your information, you represent that doing so is not in violation of any laws, and that you AND the person you are searching for are over 18 years of age, or the legal ages in the relevant jurisdictions.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING A REUNION – with a birth-mother, a child, a sister, a brother – from White Shield, you are  encouraged to take advantage of the alternate online resources listed below.

Before you undertake a reunion search, I urge you to prepare yourself.  You may think you are ready today.  Be sure.  Seek advice.  Read books.  My reunion played out in the best possible way, but this is not true for all reunions.  Be absolutely sure you are ready to meet whatever is behind that door.

Once you are prepared, your first step should be to register with the free International Soundex Reunion Registry.  ISRR is the oldest and largest reunion registry of its kind. If you have already registered, consider registering again if you have any new information. You can request a free registration form via mail or telephone. Contact info.:

P.O. Box 371179
Las Vegas, NV 89137
(775) 882-7755
(888) 886-ISRR

Also, please consider registering at:

I wish you the greatest of blessings in you search – may you find what you are seeking.

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