Promises to Keep

Alexis W. ~ 68.100908

My sister, Patricia Jean Perkins gave birth to a son at White Shield of Portland in 1968 or 1969.  I did not know for a few years about her having this child and giving him up for adoption, but when the same man, James Amauba, got her pregnant the second time, she did tell me about the first pregnancy.   At that time she also told me that part of the program was that she was not supposed to see the child when it was born; but she did see the child and it was a beautiful boy.   She told me that a very nice couple supposedly adopted that child and one of them was a doctor and either had connections in Africa or was going to be in Africa for a while (the paternal father of the child, James Amauba, was an African).

When she got pregnant the second time by the same man, she was determined to keep this child.  This time I found out about the pregnancy and supported her in any way I could.  She finally told me about the first child when the second son, Aaron, was born.  After that, I would find her outside many times over the years looking up at the stars and telling me “he was up there.”  She and James had 5 children (including Aaron).  My sweet sister just died at the young age of 62.  James was deported back to Africa many years ago and Patty raised those 5 children all alone and they are all wonderful marvelous people.  All she wanted was to know that her first son was OK and that he knew she loved him deeply.

Can anyone help me reunite this family? I have tried all the on-line avenues and they are a hoax, they all want your money and offer you no information.  I sat with my sister as she died and I have to find this child.  He needs to know he has a chance to meet 4 sisters and a brother and that his mother loved him more than he will ever know.  How in the world do you chase a dream and the unbelievable commitment I have made to my sister?  Any help would be so appreciated.

Thank you so much ~ Alexis Warner

5 thoughts on “Promises to Keep

  1. Dear Alexis, I’m sorry that I don’t have information on your search but wanted to let you know I was so saddened to see your mom’s obituary in the register guard. Patti and I were friends at Thurston and enjoyed visiting at our 40th reunion. I wanted to reach out to her/your family but didn’t know how until I read your post. I will pray that you find her firstborn.

    • Alexis…As you probably know, original birth certificates are available to Adoptees in the State of Oregon. Do you know if your Sister ever registered in Salem ? It is a dual registration where Birth Mother leaves her okay or denies contact from Adoptee. IF and WHEN the Adoptee registers also, then the two will be notified. I realize your Sister has passed away, but it might be worth looking into. You are next of kin and probably could register in your Sister’s place. It is certainly worth looking into. There has also been a law passed that Birth Parents (Mother and or Father) can apply for adoption court records. The best and probably only information you could find out is the new last name your Nephew was given at adoption. BUT, this is extremely valuable in your search. Again…because your Sister has passed away, with a death certificate, you may be able to apply because you are next of kin. And again, it is well worth the try.
      Best of luck Alexis….

  2. I would like to speak with someone to help my sister. She has been searching for her daughter for years. It is my understanding that White Shield thwarted her for so long that she and her husband felt defeated. I am not certain if the person that sent me this content is asking me for direction. I apologize, I am not well versed on this topic or the process therein. 971-325-6667 Cell Portland
    My gmail is:

  3. I would like to speak with someone about finding my cousin, who was born in Nov 1951 at White Shield. My aunt always wanted to find him. It was not her choice to give him up but because of circumstances, she was forced to. Trying to find the agency associated with his adoption. I Bellerive was Boys and Girls Aid Society in Portland?? I’ve tried calling several times, and each tome i had to leave a message and they never return my call. We registered previously and B&G Aid Society was the middle agency between my aunt and her son. He said he was going to contact us, but we never heard from him. Wondering if he has left his phone number and they are not getting back to him as well? What can I do? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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