Looking for Martena

Stephen F. ~ 40.100416

I am trying to locate Martena Esther Jones (my birth mother) or my surviving siblings.  I was born in the White Shield Home of Portland, OR on October 25, 1940, and my birth name was Philip Stephen Jones.  At that time, Martena’s residence was listed as 305 E. 18, Salem, OR.  She was 20 years old, and born in Seattle, WA.  The 1930 census listed her as living in the residence of Archie and Louis Robbins, Caraline E. Close, Frank M. Cronn, Dorothy M. Cronn, Sylvia B. Cronn, and Joseph E. Cronn.  I am looking to reconnect with my family.

Please forward any information concerning my family to 202 Bonham St., Nocona, TX, or my email address – stephen_fabrick@yahoo.com.

[Contact information is included with permission.]

3 thoughts on “Looking for Martena

  1. Hi –

    Doing a quick lookup, it seems that Frank W. Cronn was her stepfather, and that Joseph E Cronn,, Ellis W Cronn , Myrta M Cronn, and Sterlina Graham were likely all her half siblings.

    She is listed as E Martana Jones in the 1940 census; and it appears her mother’s name was Syvia. I think I’d start my search by lookin for the Cronn brothers.

  2. OK. Ellis W. Cronn died in 1952 in Tillamook County.

    I found this listing from 1994 for Joseph E. Cronn:
    Joseph E Cronn
    Canby Oregon 97013 503-266-7965

    He apparently died in 2001; and here is an index into his obituary:

    CRONN, Joseph Ellwood Sr “Joe”; 73; Canby OR; Oregonian; 2001-10-22; jirt

    So it is likely that he has a son named Joe, Jr.

    There is a Joseph E. Cronn, Jr. who married a Theresa M Hansen on Feb 5, 1999.

    I found him listed on PeopleFinders as Joseph E. Cronn, Jr. For about one dollar, they will give you his phone number and current address. He appears to be in Camas, WA, with an address of:

    26203 NE Brunner Rd
    Camas, WA 98607-9747

  3. So, I’m still at it.

    Here is a marriage record I found in Clark County, WA.

    Esther Martena Jones
    Elwyn L Lamb
    Marriage Date:
    11 May 1941
    Marriage Place:

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