The Girl Next Door

Caitlin M. ~ 60.100322

Dear Friends, What a wonderful project –

I lived at 3115 NW Thurman in the 1960s, and when we were kids we used to see the beautiful pregnant girls taking walks. Our house has the fountain on the corner, just over the bridge. It was many years later that I had any idea how important it was that this home was available to them. In my own family, getting pregnant meant staying home, regardless of marriage. And though some girls were there for other reasons, many seemed to be there to hide out. Well, what a beautiful place to have a baby. So peaceful and surrounded by nature’s beauty.

I am also doing research on the house we lived in, and have come to a crossroads because I need to find out some information about Pearl Thompson, a maid/cook at the house in 1910 – 1920? for the Elrod family. she may have had a child, and it crossed my mind that she might have delivered the child at the White Shield’s Home. has it been long enough ago for you to release any information about this? The child may have been born in 1916, or 1917, and died six months after birth. The child’s name may have been Martha Thompson, and I do not know if Pearl was married. She was 19 years old in 1910.

Many of the records in Portland were destroyed by fires and floods. I would appreciate any assistance that you may have. I cannot locate your history anywhere, so I do not even know if you were operating between 1910 – 1920. Have a wonderful day.

One thought on “The Girl Next Door

  1. Hi Caitlin – Thank you so much for your perspective on the White Shield Center. If you lived in the area in the 60′s, chances are good that my birth mother was one of those “beautiful pregnant girls” walking by. ♥

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