Tacoma Searcher

Note: The White Shield Project is primarily concerned with The White Shield Center in Portland, Oregon.  However, when comments or inquiries from individuals associated with other White Shield locations is received, they will included and listed under “Other WS Locations.”

Marylynn A. ~ 50.100213

My name is Marylynn Ayers, I was born Ester Mary Hinkley on December 28, 1950 in the White Shields Home in Tacoma, Washington.

I just learned a week ago that my mother Viola Pearl Hinkley was a resident of WSH when I was born. I think she may have already passed on, but would love to know something about her.

I have searched and wondered for years about my first family and now I have one of my own daughters working on this search trail.

Marylynn (Ester Mary Hinkley) Ayers

3 thoughts on “Tacoma Searcher

  1. My great-great-great grandmother, Julie Lonsdale Daniels, was very involved with the White Shield Home in Tacoma in the early 1900’s and I believe had something to do with getting it up and running. I still have the bonnet she wore when she worked there as well as the purse she carried to the market. She was known to have a deep affection for these young women and their infants. I don’t know the whole story of how she became involved with this but family history says that she had started assisting young women when she had a small Danish bakery not too far from the location of the Home, and eventually was able to establish herself with the White Shield Home. This building is still standing and still in operation although the last time I was there it now serves as a safe place for the homeless. Julie Daniels passed in the 1930’s, and she is my namesake. I would love to find out more information if anyone might have the history

  2. Doing the research for a friend who just found out today he was born at the White Shield Home in 1938 Can anyone please tell me if there are any support groups for more information ? It was in Tacoma Washington June 11, 1938. Thank you Bobbie Ott at 949 500 1745

  3. I too am doing research for a friend whose father we think was born at the White Shield Home in Tacoma, WA. We know the names of his birth parents but was apparently adopted out but haven’t found any adoption information yet. My friend always thought her grandparents were biological but DNA testing proves otherwise. Her father was born Feb 13, 1914. I would be interested in support groups and how babies were adopted for the women who gave birth here. Thank you, Fran at fransdesk@comcast.net.

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