Gateway to a Better Life

Esther S. ~ 87.100208

I gave birth to my first child in 1987.  I was 16.  I still cry when I think about White Shield.  Not because I gave my child up for adoption: we stayed together.  I think the tears flow because of the way my life changed on the day of my child’s birth.  White Shield was like a gateway for me into a better life.  I was shown another way.   Even though I struggled with Whites Shield’s strict rules, I began to see hope for my life and the life of my baby.  I had run away from my family, friends, and school and was living on the road when I found out I was pregnant. White Shield gave me that moment in time to “get a grip.”  I woke up on Feb. 2, 1987 to another life who has been beside me for 23 years.  No, it was not easy being a teen mother.  My dreams shuffled so fast that the old lifestyle had to go.  This time of year brings memories of one birthday that changed the world…as I understood it.  I respect White Shield for holding a space for us.

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