Looking for Grandmother

A.K. ~ 50.071219

I would like to find the Grandmother of my children. Apparently she gave birth to a son at the white shield home in June of 1956 or 1957  on or about the 11th.  My children are estranged from their father and his adoptive parents and I would like to find their real grandparents or family so they can enjoy having an extended family.  I live in Portland as do my children.  They would like to have grandparents to share their future families.

4 thoughts on “Looking for Grandmother

  1. We are looking to try to find my grandmas first born son. He was born on June 10, 1956 at this facility. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. My sister gave birth to a son about this time, her baby boy had a birth mark on his face, that’s all I really know about him and that he was born at the White Shield Home in Portland.

  3. My mother gave birth to a son at White Shield in Tacoma in June of 1956. All I know about him is he had lots of hair and that the nurses called him Georgie.

  4. I was born at the White Shield Home in Tacoma, WA 9-26-1953. My birth mother’s name is
    Delores Mae Grant, she was 20 years old and was from Ridgefield, Wa. She also had a son a couple years later, do not know the month or year, who was also given up for adoption. Do not know any details about my birth father. I have my DNA results at Ancestry.com, MyHeritage.com and 23andme.com. I would suggest that you should start with the DNA test and join one of the on-line ancestry web-sites. My name is Susan Woodward Draney (born Grant) Please let me know how your searches goes. Hope your son or grandson is related to me but if not I pray you find more family and enjoy the new friendships.

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