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Diane ~ 72.070908

My name is Diane, I am 51 years old and am a birth mother who lived at the Salvation Army White Shield Home in Portland, Oregon in 1972…  I have many memories from my 3 month stay at the home… When I stayed there is was still very secretive.  Birth mothers used fake names (so no one could look us up later), were not allowed to tell very many people where we were (only close family in my case) so my memories seem like a dirty little secret but I know they are real and I have a very big need to let them out… Just to let you know, my son and I found each other 10 years ago.  The reunion has been wonderful in so many ways and we are both thankful that we know each other and know “our story”.



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  1. I was there in 1979 and we could use are full names. Funny how in just seven years that changed. I was 16 I stayed at the home for four months my best memories are there a lot of good friends and I still have a dear friend from there. I was reunited with my daughter when she was 18 and now she is 30 and expecting her first daughter in Feb .

  2. I was born there Feb. 11, 1970 ! They will not give me any info on anything! They said they lost records! What do you do! My sister was born there too in 1968! Why is everything a secret?

    • Hi Cynthia-If you have any information on whom your adoption was handled you would start there if you have not already. I was there in 1971. My son was adopted thru Catholic Charities of Oregon. That is where I started my search & they had everything. They could only help me so much & I had to take it from there. I was able to locate him. We have exchanged letters only so far. Good Luck to you-Keep me Posted. Paula

    • My son was born there on Feb. 11, 1973. I found him by contacting Catholic Charities, as I found that White Shield would not tell me anything about the adoption. Good luck and happy birthday!

  3. I was born there on Feb. 1970 ! Why can’t I get info from them? And my sister! You should have access to your own file!

  4. My name is Paula. I was at the The white Shield Home the Summer of 1971.
    I would love to be in contact with anyone there at that time to share some memories. I had a son in July “71”. I gave hime up for adoption. 2 years ago I started my search. I have found him-we have exchanged letters. That is all so far……..

    • I believe my mother was there in 1971, she won’t talk about it but I’m trying to find information about my brother she gave up. Her name was Diana.

      • Hello Kristi,
        I do not remember a Diana but it was so long ago. I am sure I knew her then as we were all together in housing/activities etc and were close. We shared rooms. Two to a room. My roommate
        who I do remember well was Terri Lyday. Do you have any other information for me?


    • Glad to here you have made contact. I was at White Shield in Portland, summer of 1971 until the end of July. I remember gals names Bobbie, Peggy and Angela.

  5. Renee,
    That story touches every part of me-I was there-I remember everything you & Robin speak of-Clear as Day. I remember my room vividly. There were 2 of us in the room (4 beds). I was alone during the middle of the night when I went into labor & remember trying to walk down the dimly lit hall to get help as my room mate Terri had left a few weeks earlier. I remember that delivery room & the goodbye room. I asked them if I could have his little bracelet & they told me no-that they felt that would not be good for me?? I recently found out that he lived on there for 6 weeks before being adopted into a wonderful family. I hope so much to meet him. I am so sorry for your story. Do you know if I would go there if I could walk thru? I have wanted to do that. Thank-you for your story. Paula

    • I am sure they would let you walk-thru. There is a new director since I revisited; I’ve met her and she is a very kind, compassionate woman. Give her a call and let her know who you are and that you’d like to visit, and I am sure she will be happy to help.

      • Hi Renee,
        Were you able to locate your birth mother? Can you tell me anything about her? I would love to know what if anything you found. I was unaware there were boxes of information(as scarce as it appears to be).
        Regards, Paula

      • Yes, we had a reunion about 7 years ago, and my children call her Gramma Lila now. My reunion was, for the most part, of the fairy-tale variety – we all fell in love instantly, and are very close. It was my sister, just 10 months younger, who was the key – we found one another on adoption.com. I plan to write a book someday, when my adoptive mom has passed on: she was the only one who did not take the reunion well. It has been nothing short of amazing.

      • Oh that is wonderful. I hope to reunite with my son-so far only a letter- he sent 1 to me over a year ago. I have not heard anymore from him. He is from this area. I also have received a beautiful letter from his adoptive mother. She wants him to have a reunion with me but says he his not there yet….So I am staying quiet & being patient :). His adoptive mother said that she had walked in my shoes & also gave up her twin daughters for adoption. She is now 69 & about 4 years ago her daughters found her & they have a wonderful
        relationship now. When she married Chris’s (my son) Dad who passed away 10 years ago she found she could no longer have children. She was thrilled to have Chris. Then also 2 years later adopted another child – a girl. You have a gift for writing. Your story is beautiful I have read it several times-you take me back. Would love to meet you sometime. Paula

      • That is simply touching. And you & I know this is the way of it. You who has experienced it being the child & I who has experienced this as the birth mother. Beautiful!

  6. My edlerly Aunt is asking me if I can help her find any information on the grandaughter that was born there in the January of 1973.Her daughter my cousin has done a little searching but isn’t having any luck it would be so great to have just some information to pass along to both of them…My Aunt is 82 it would be a great thing for her to at least now a little about the only Grandchild that was born in her family..Thanks for any help.

  7. There were a few White Shield Homes, I am wondering if most of these letters are from Birth Mothers who were in the Portland, OR White Shield Home ?

  8. I have been looking for my birth for 30 years.
    I am 47 years old and have 3 boys.
    My wife and I have been together since 1994 and have always had the support from her.
    This is very hard and emotional journey.
    I just want to tell my mother.. I love her and hold no anger towards her and her situation.
    So I could never explain how I feel or my life story in a short paragraph.
    I have searched and searched with no answers.
    Like a light house to show me the way home..
    I will never stop looking.
    I was born in 1970. Oct. 12th
    Portland Oregon.
    At Multnomah hospital (ohsu)
    Male. Bi racial. White/Asian
    Mother was possibly white from Oklahoma and was 17-18 years old.
    Father was possibly a student on a visa from China or Taiwan but was getting sent out of country. Both being very young.
    I was adopted through the boys and girls aid society of Oregon. 1970.
    Closed adoption.
    No record. No information. Pre adoption paper work very vague.
    It must have been very hard for both but absolutely unbelievably hard for my mother.
    Please give her strength and peace to guide her to me.
    Thank you so much
    A son looking for his mother.

  9. My adoptive mother has passed several years ago and my adoptive father is getting old. I only have 1 sister which was there only birth child.
    I have never know any blood family.
    Like looking at a ghost in the mirror I have always wondered and dreamed.
    Being different is normal. I tanned they burned.. they went left and I went right..
    They were amazing and I had a wonderful up bringing. But something was always missing.
    I would love to say thank you.

  10. Hello – I was there as an ‘unwed’ mother in the fall on 1970 my daughter was born in September of that year. We used fake names mine was “Charl” I was lucky only had to stay about three weeks as my daughter was born three weeks before due date. At the time you had to at least be there six weeks before due date.
    I have searched to this date with out any luck, “all records have been destroyed” “burned in a fire” “lost in moving” Even had one of those ABC TV Shows try and look for her for over a year no luck. Its been 50+ years and its like it just happened yesterday. The biggest mistake I made was choosing the adoption agency!

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